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I get it. You're right. You want to pull back the covers over your head. You don't know what day, week or month it is. You don't even give a damn. You want to drink yourself out, stagger about semi-comatose, and wear the same pair food-stained sweatpants all week. I understand because I've done the same thing. Elizabeth Kubler Ross identified five stages of grief, but we were in the first shock stage. COVID-19, the silent and invisible killer that is the world's most powerful supervillain, had us in a state of shock. We watched with horror as Italy and Spain recorded staggering death statistics.

As our anxiety grew, we thought about our parents. We stayed awake at night while our hearts beat out of our chests. We cried uncontrollably when we saw first responders and health care workers answer the call.Rolex GMT Master Replica In many cases, they sacrificed their lives to help others. We were furious at the inept, buffoonish leaders who held the highest offices of power. And we wept again when we saw men like New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and US Navy Captain Scott Crozier rise up to the challenge. Great leaders, like Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth, spoke to us with exactly what we needed to hear.

We awoke to the reality that this was it. This is our new reality. Do we have the virus under control yet? Yes, but with different levels of success depending where you live. We can only get through this by staying at home. Recently, I posted an Instagram image of a WWII soldier carrying a donkey on a hill. Why? If not, the donkey could wander into a field of mines and kill everyone. You are the donkey. Whether you were in London for a picnic because it was 22°F last Monday or in Singapore having a party before Circuit Breaker (call it a lockdown). You're going to blow our fuckup. We also need to be mentally strong to survive this lockdown. It will last much longer than you think. Like Buddha-under-the-Bodhi-tree, Jesus-in-the-desert kind of strong. In this process, time and wristwatches play a vital role for me. My mind, as all others, craves structure and challenges. It must feel important and useful. For me, the best way to achieve this is by breaking my day into time units that are dedicated to different

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Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway, co-stars in The Thomas Crown Affair from 1968.

7 AM: Get up and get a move on. No matter how late you went to bed or how many Negronis drank, you can't cry your arse off when CNN reports on health care workers returning home. It's time to face the day, get things done and get up.

Ingest news from different channels between 7-8AM. It's better to keep it to an hour or less because the macabre nature of the news on CNN and BBC can be a bit of a blackhole. You'll find yourself glued to your screen, mumbling the horror like Brando did in Apocalypse Now.

Workout between 8 and 9:30 AM. I don't spend an hour and a half in the gym. Why not, since I am stuck at home and sit on my arse a lot? My living room has a spin cycle. So, I ride it for 40-60 mins. Here's the secret of cardio. The amount of pain you endure during exercise will directly affect how you feel afterward. If you want to feel that blissful, orgiastic high of dopamine that will carry you throughout your day, then you need to headbutt the anaerobic limit a few times. Two espressos with Irish butter added just before and after the workout are helpful. Since most people are allowed to run outdoors only once per day, I would recommend running four kilometers at a decent pace and then sprinting the last kilometer in a series.