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Martyn told me Dean left the watch with his cousin after he died. The cousin recalled being told that Dean was given the watch as part of his service while he was in Greenland supporting a scientific exploration.Breitling Replica She had, as is so often the case with these things, forgotten about it. Dean's watch, like the Homard timepiece, was found in a drawer. Martyn serviced it and wore it for some time before selling it to an East Asian collector.

The third, and perhaps the most well-known of all the examples known is that which belonged to Surgeon Lieutenant Jock Masterton.

JP Masterton, a Royal Navy Reserves member, was with the expedition throughout the two-year period. A French collector bought his watch many years ago after discovering it. As with the other examples known, it is a ref. The dial of the 7809 Oyster Prince is similar to that on Herbert Dean's watch. It is interesting to note that the Masterton Watch is the only one with a caseback engraving. The engravings are "JPM B.N.G.E. The engravings "JPM B.N.G.E. 1952-1954" are,breitling replica watches I suspect done as a commemorative after the event.

Masterton’s Caseback Engravings

The original winding crown of the 7809 is marked.

Do there exist any more Breitling Replica 7809s that were worn by the BNGE in the world? We know there were another 23 Breitling Replica 7809s, but the location of them is still a mystery. I'll continue to look for them, and will let you know as soon as the next one has been found!