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He comes from an artistic background and jokes about how he used to draw on Yolette's walls and furniture as a child. Watch design attracted Hodge because of its scientific and aesthetic appeal. He states that watchmaking is science at its most basic form, which is then reduced to art. I started making watches by accident, and [watchmaking] sort of paired these things together for me: architecture and art, but then there's also an element that serves all. Horology,omega replica in its purest form, is essentially physics, chemistry and metallurgy all rolled into one. To achieve my goals, I needed to have some knowledge in each of these areas.

It was this knowledge that Hodge has used to his advantage in many aspects of his life. Hodge is still a student and follows his mother's advice: "They can take anything in the world from your except what you know."

He was driven to learn and grow because of his "meager beginnings."

He is quick to point out that there's nothing wrong with aspiring to either and that he was not trying to be what society expected of him. "It really disturbed me that most people didn't openly or widely associate intelligence to my black skin. I was interested in engineering partly because of scientific curiosity, but also because it was rebellious.

This explains his roles, which include Noah, a driven, perceptive slave seeking freedom in Antebellum in Georgia in Underground to Levi Jackson opposite JanelleMonae's Mary Jackson, a civil right activist who tries to support his wife's efforts in the 1960s to become an engineer. He explains that as an actor,IWC Replica Watches he would love to have roles that had some meaning and depth beyond his personal benefit. "That was what really suited me during the promo tour for Hidden Figures. You would see little girls watching Hidden Figures, discussing their dreams and how they now realize they can achieve them because they see it.

He is determined to show others that he is more than what meets the eye and encourage others to do so. This manifests in his many talents: painting, drawing, designing, and watchmaking. He smiles when I admit to his surprise at the depth of his watchmaking knowledge. "I don't always look like the consummate watchman."