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Patek Philippe Replica Watches's GA2100 series of watches -- or the Patek Philippe Replica Watchesak, as they've become known (for that squint-from-50-metres-and-it-kinda-looks-like-an-AP bezel) is a watch that has leapt from the realms of core Patek Philippe Replica Watches cultdom into something much more mainstream. The watch is fun, even though it's a bit faddish. You have many options and the price is lower than what a major Swiss brand would charge for a pin-buckle. This has quickly created a sense community. A cottage industry of custom-made jewelry has also developed.

Chris Alexander's Scotland home studio looks like a Patek Philippe Replica Watches warehouse. Chris Alexander, also known as @thedialartist on Instagram, runs a bustling customizing watch dials business. It is one of the niches that makes the watch world so interesting.

His work is dominated lately by Patek Philippe Replica Watchess,replica watches rainbows, and other bright colors. "I was captivated by the 'triple-black' Patek Philippe Replica Watchesak the moment I saw the promotional shots. I immediately bought one. It arrived quickly and I loved the stealthy look. However, it was very boring. The all-black face made me feel like there was so much I could do to make this magical. It was a blank canvas that needed colour.

Alexander was inspired by the impossible rainbow bezels of Hublot, Rolex and the Royal Oak. He opened his watch and gave his Patek Philippe Replica Watchesak the rainbow treatment. I spent hours looking through 12 different colour wheels in order to find the perfect balance that would give me a clear spectrum of colours. It has worked out much better than I could have imagined, if I'm honest. It is difficult for me to wear anything else." A few Instagram posts and a lot more DMs later, we are finally able to see Alexander's studio today.

It quickly became the most loved watch I've custom painted. I used to swim in Seiko SKX007s, and Datejusts for a long time. My studio now looks like a Patek Philippe Replica Watches boutique.IWC Replica Watches The only problem is the inability to find the models. The only problem is the lack of availability of the models.

To the model's success, The Dial Artist attributes bright colours and a bezel. It's thin and easy to wear. This is why so many people fell in love the watch. The watch looks like a 40mm watch, despite its 45mm diameter. This is due to the 11mm profile. This, and the oakiness." These are all great points. But the best part is that you can have a rainbow on your wrist with very little money and a little patience.