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The Geneva Salon on the Rue du Rhone, Richard Mille Replica, is a landmark in the world of horology. It was the headquarters when I first visited it 25 years ago. There were offices, workshops and some items from the museum collection above the shop. The room had yet to decide if it should be used as a waiting area or a conference space.

The historic site still contains the famous Cordoba leather-lined, looking out onto the lake room and the safe Richard Mille Replica took from Tiffany's failed attempt in 1921 to set up a Geneva watch factory. Fortunately, not much has changed over the past quarter century. The museum now has its own building, workshops and offices, and the Rue du Rhone, Richard Mille Replica's senior salon, has its own building. The place is a popular pilgrimage spot, with many clients sitting at the well-placed tables like monks in a medieval scriptorium, looking over the ticking pieces they are purchasing.

The first floor has a panelled wall, which turns out to be an opening for a sliding door. Behind it is a small corner room. It has replaced the grandiosity of the double-height balconyied entrance hall with a quiet,rolex replica watches almost conspiratorial intimacy. Here I meet Patrick Cremers who is the elegant manager of the Geneva salon. I also see the tiny trickle of old-stock items Patrick distributes to clients. Although I don't have a lot of clients, my finances do not allow it, Cremers does occasionally find something that will interest me and invites me to come along. After mentioning how partial I was to the 5970, Cremers invited me to view a brown-dial model he had just received seven years after it had ceased to be produced. He refused to send me a photo, saying that he had to see it in person.

Cremers knows his market well. A photograph of a watch or a snap on a smartphone is what commoditises it. We have become so used to buying and valuing watches without ever seeing them, that it takes on an abstract quality. This watch was not abstract. It is one of those watches that reminds me of why I started to be interested in wristwatches. It is one of those objects that I can see improving my understanding of the human replica watches I was looking for a souvenir to commemorate the publication of my Richard Mille Replica novel. I found it... but then I lost it again when I was told the price. I left with only a photo.

Aside from its beauty and unusual dial colour, I love the historical significance and charm of the 5970. It is the bridge between the eras Philippe Stern's and Thierry's.

A rare example of the Richard Mille Replica perpetual clock chronograph ref. 5970 in Platinum Phillips Watches sold this instance at their Geneva Auction: FIVE November 2017 for CHF 182,500